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Solved Internet Connection Periodically Fails

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This is an FYI post since the problem has been solved.

A while back, I received a cryptic (uninformative) email message from my ISP provider that there was an undefined problem that could affect our ability to connect to the internet and advised us to contact them. We did. The tech who came-out could not able to diagnosis an issue as it appeared that nothing was wrong.

A bit later, we received another cryptic email message from the ISP provider, but essentially dismissed it. A few days later our internet connection started to drop out on a periodic basis. According to the router, their was a "bad" cable that connected the router to the cable modem. We went through the steps of unplugging the cable, reversing the cable connections, and using a new cable. Nothing worked. So we assumed that the router was going "bad".

We bought a new router. The problem soon re-emerged. But in this case, the router gave us a more informative error message. The router reported that we needed to contact our ISP for fix a DNS issue. So we called up the ISP to have another technician come-out and take a look.

After doing a more in-depth investigation, the technician determined that it was the cable modem that went bad. Replacing the cable modem has solved the problem. The cable modem was 10 years old, so I guess it was due for replacement. With the cable modem tucked away and unseen, you don't realize how the years go by.

Unfortunately, our old router probably did not need to be replaced, but may have been on the cusp of replacement anyway. It was 5 years old.

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