Internet disconnects and strange log entries

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Not sure if related but all this started after the DST time change.
My internet started to lock up every other day, and every time is only the modem reboot that restores the connection.
I spoke with e ISP and they say it is the router.

Can someone that understands the logs,have a look at the attached and help me understand if my internet connection loss is caused by modem or router?
The only strange thing I can see is that every time the spdMerlin runs the time appears to shift by some upward to 3 hours, and then restart according to the router time.

Many thanks in advance.


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The only issues I see in your log is your modem continuously rebooting itself at ~ 02:18 to 02:26. But a lot of the log information if missing because you have not provided the original unfiltered router syslog.

Log into the modem and check its log file.

The time difference can be ignored because the kernel messages are using UTC whereas the other messages are using your local time zone.


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Thank you for your answer Colin.
I should have also mentioned I am new to this but I am trying to learn.
I have the Scribe script installed and the logs are split. Is the attached the one you were mentioning?
How do I access the modem logs? Do modem logs get reset on reboots?


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I've never used Scribe so I don't know how you would access the original unfiltered log.

I don't know what modem you have but I can tell it's not the same as mine. So again, I'm afraid I can't tell you how to access it. Sorry. Perhaps ask your ISP or Google the model number for its manual.


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I have a Technicolor TC4400. The largest manual I could find for it has only 3 pages and is mainly tech specs.
I am in Markham, ON, CA; my ISP is Teksavvy (cable 500/20 through Rogers's cable network).

I have browsed the modem interface a while ago, but do not remember seeing any logs. I will have another look.
Thanks again.

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