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Internet Filter for Different level for different user

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Melvin Thant

New Around Here
Somebody please help. I want to make internet filter at my small office for different level for different user (Different IP address).
I have D Link DI-704UP (Broad Band Router), which has a internet filter function. It can filter (Block) internet by URL address/Domain name/IP addres/MAC address. But it blocks the all user (All IP), same level. (Can not choose, for e.g. I want to give all internet access to Managing Director, and only yahoo to the Managers. DI-704UP cant do like this)
Please advise me, what is the correct Hard ware, (or) software to do what I want to do.
Thanks to all.
Most other routers can do what you're wanting to do. I know the Linksys WRT54G's can do internet access policies based on IP addresses, as can most other Linksys routers. I've played a bit with the d-link DIR-655 and it should be able to do it as well. Most other consumer level routers should be able to do this for you a little better. It's surprising that yours doesn't - because most routers that offer filtering can at least do it by IP address or range.
Thank you for the guidence, Scotty, I have check the DIR-655 manual, it has got the extra function called POLICY, u can make "policy 1' for IP address A,B,C, to block certain web site, and "policy 2" for IP address X,Y,Z, to allow free internet access. But the Di-704, does not have that function.

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