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I have an Asus RT AX86s running on Merlin firmware 386.5.2 and randomly, intermittently the internet connection light will go red for around 10 - 15 seconds before changing back to white again, this happens quite regular and several times an hour. The internet appears unaffected when this happens and I can browse etc and if I'm gaming it does not appear to affect my game connection but its a little annoying and unnerving.

The router does also have the ability to randomly crash but this is only around once or twice a month.

Anyone else experience the same and have any tips to cure this?

Any help much appreciated.



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Any downsides to leaving the Network Monitoring enabled?


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Any downsides to leaving the Network Monitoring enabled?
Are far as the DNS Query option goes it makes no difference. Whether you have that box ticked or not the router does exactly the same thing. In my opinion it's now completely redundant having a check box for that setting.

Side note:

The DNS Query function tries to resolve the host name to the IP address every 15 seconds. The TTL of is only 30 seconds. So every 30 seconds whatever resolver you're using is having to forward that query upstream. Compare that to which has a TTL of slightly under 5 minutes. That means that the resolver can cache the result far longer for that domain.

I've never experienced the "disconnected" problem that others have with I'm wondering if there's an issue with some ISPs or resolvers not liking such a high volume of queries for the same domain. Maybe it's being interpreted as a DoS attack.

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