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Is there a way to grab the Internet Traffic statistics and put them in a widget of some sort on Windows?

Want to monitor my network bandwidth throughout all devices.


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You need to run something other than a consumer router to see those stats, without also affecting the stats or the performance of the router too.


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You could just open the status page in a separate window, change page zoom level to what you want and move it where you want on your desktop.
Not as cool as a real widget but here's the bottom right corner of my PC:



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Depending on what model Asus you're running, you might be able to flash an alternate firmware that allows for a bit deeper level of bandwidth reporting, such as FreshTomato or OpenWRT.

If you want more detailed reporting akin to a UTM/NGFW type device, I'd suggest setting up a small x86 box such as a Qotom appliance (example) and installing Untangle on it, which will give you by far the most granular reporting capabilities. You could then re-purpose your Asus as just a wireless access point by resetting it and running it in "AP" mode only.

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