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iOS: which SSH client?

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I have been using the free Termius App for SSH on my iOS devices for a while. Somehow I thought that I do not use the App enough to pay €6,99/year... Now that I’m ready to pay and check again I see that they have raised the price to €30,99/year and I have the same feeling again...

For that amount I could also buy one of the “expensive” one-time purchases like Prompt 2 or Blink.

Which SSH client do you use/prefer on iOS? Why?

(I don’t use Termius on macOS or Windows as I prefer real native Apps above “browser Apps”)

PS: Yes, I feel a bit ashamed that I apparently have been affected by the App Store (price) race to the bottom..
They charge a yearly fee for an SSH client on a MOBILE device? o_O
Currently using Blink; it's pretty nice.

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