Is Asus dropping support for lyra trio?

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Hi All,
I have a DSL-AC68U running the latest 386 firmware, in an AIMesh configuration with 2 Lyra Trio running the 384 firmware (the latest in each case). Since updating to the 386 firmware I had increasing instances of the Lyra nodes dropping offline; to the point that I think I might need to go back to the 384 firmware on the 68u.
If Asus hasnt released a 386 firmware for the Lyra Trio yet, is that an indication that they wont in future? If not now might be the right time to upgrade the network.

I am looking at buying a house in the next 12 months and am deciding on the best way forward for the network - do I stick with AIMesh (ditching the Lyra Trios for a AX86U router and 2x AC68U nodes) or should I think about going to the Unifi ecosystem (UDM with additional UAP if/as required).

Regards, Joh.


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Actually, looking at it the AX86U is probably a pointless investment with WIFI6E around the corner and its other features being next to useless right now - What that means is that for me its a case of either an AC86U or the Unifi UDM.


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So just as a follow up to myself, I decided on the AC86U, and will move the AC68U into a node function. The Lyra Trios can go to ebay.

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