Diversion Is Diversion still active?

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I've been using Diversion almost since the beginning, when it was called AB-Solution. I love it and works very well. However, I have not seen any updates for well over 6+ months. I was just wondering if this is still active or no longer be worked on.



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I know the site. I go there quite often. I am asking if the project is still active. There has not been any updates on Diversion for a very long time.


Senior Member
Or it might just be so stable it hasn't needed any "fixin". Hard to believe in today's world, right?


Regular Contributor
Looking at the site. It seems there was an update almost every month up until May or last year and then it suddenly stopped. Seems author is mostly focused on WebUI at the moment based on last update on Diversion. Site is still getting updated.

JT Strickland

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things that aint broke dont need fixin


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lol.. Welcome back!!!
There is not a single day that goes by without me checking in here. I just don't have the time to do much more at this time.

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