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Is frequent freeze ups of the web control panel indicative of hardware problems?

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I regularly have to unplug and restart the router after logging into the web control panel,as it becomes un responsive. Is this a normal occurrence with these routers or should I be investigating replacing the hardware. Currently running a RT-AC1900P with 384.12 installed.
I'm having the same problem on my RT-A68P. This device has been running well for several years, but starting a few weeks ago I started having these problems. Here's what happens: sometimes I'm unable to log in to the web interface and sometimes when I do log in, it will freeze shortly after. When I am able to log in, I can sometimes see that both CPU's are pegged at 100%. I can usually SSH into the router, but then the SSH interface hangs. I'm on v384_12. This has been happening since at least v384.11_2.

Since this is a relatively recent problem, I'm wondering if it's a memory leak that was introduced within the last few releases. I have a USB drive with a swap file, but I don't know if that makes a difference if physical memory is filled up.

I'm tempted to just set a periodic reboot, but I would rather diagnose the problem before I use a sledge hammer approach to fix it. Can anybody recommend a way to diagnose this kind of problem? Are other people having similar problems? How many people use a scheduled reboot to fix this?
make a factory reset and manual config as first step, then you will see.
Use M&M procedure from member L&LD, well done for problems like yours!

And have a look at the temps, CPU over 80°C?
CPU is at 82 C - I took the unit and blew it out real good a few weeks ago, as I thought heat might be a concern.

I did a reset on it a couple months ago. Didn't seem to make a ton of difference, I do notice on occasion that one of the CPU meters will be pegged at 100%. A power cycle will take care of it.

We have been running this router for two years now.
go very exactly through M&M from link above, if then there are still problems your last chance will be RMA.
82°C is quite hot but should still be ok in summer when CPU is on 100% (thats the real problem I think).
And before update to 384.13 twice!
Also make sure you dont have any faulty usb devices connected up that are constantly fighting for cpu resources.

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