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Is iSCSI within the Scope of this Site?

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Hi Tim,

I know iSCSI is more of a SAN technology than a NAS one, but I wonder if it might be worthwhile to do some testing of entry-level SANs on your site.

Most pro setups are in the tens of thousands of dollars, which puts them out of the range of a "Small Net Builder" but there are a good selection of vendors that are bringing SAN technologies into our price range. A couple examples if I may:

  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro II iSCSI
  • Sans Digital MR4I
  • CoRAID SR431
  • Freenas iSCSI Target
  • Linux ietd
  • Linux vblade

These items cover two competing SAN technologies - iSCSI and ATA-over-Ethernet. The last 3 items are there to illustrate that this technology is definitely in our small netbuilder hands, because it's FREE.

Interested in working on this?
I think I may be able to poke at iSCSI in the Fast NAS series. There is also a download for Windows XP, 2000 and Server 2003.
I would also be highly interested in anything iSCSI related. I played with it a bit, but I really felt like I was lacking in knowledge to really make it do what I wanted.


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