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Is it risky to put the NAS next to a router?

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Weird question, but still... the HDs working on magnetic mechanism... ???

And another weird question is there any risk to sit a few cm form a wireless router???
You ask a question nobody knows the answer for sure. Short term probably not risky, long term who knows? Has anyone stayed several months next to a wifi router?
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I've had my 802.11g router sitting right on top of my ReadyNAS NV+ for well over a year and have had no issues so far.
You would need to worry about the field from magnetics, such as transformers. Not much magnetic field from a router. More from the power supply. But even that field would be pretty small.
Bottom line, don't worry about it.
i didn't worry from the router's magnetic fields... I worried about the NAS health... :)
That is the question that I answered. I was telling you the possible sources of magnetic fields.

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