Is it safer to separate personal files from media/hoarding/work files?

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Hi everybody,

I need help. I have a Synology that I turn on only for work. It has a webserver/git, VPN access and no personal files for safety. I want it to be "stable", so I don't do anything else on it.

I also have a Win10 NAS that I see as a "long-term backup". I turn it on just for few moments only to store/retrieve via LAN.

Now I'd like to have a 24/7 NAS for personal use, with most used documents/media/torrent and (possibly) not connected to the internet while not torrenting.
I found that my router can share USB drives, is that safe since router firmwares tend not to be updated? Should I get another Synology and "isolate it from the outside"?

Am I "overreacting"? lol



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safe from what ?
Any device you open and expose to the internet (PCs, NAS, cameras, etc) will open that device and the rest of your internal network to malware and infection just like at a business. So you can physically isolate devices like you are doing or take reasonable preventative measures such as structuring your network with vlans and firewalls and using anti virus/malware software and other security software. Depends on how much you want to invest in your time to learn and money versus what you need to accomplish. It is easy to over react, so do the prudent things at least.

router based drives tend to be slow and limited in what you can do plus they burden the router.


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Safe for example from disks wear, because one NAS is turned on for eg. from 10 AM to 5 PM idle most of the time and doing just sharing/webserver, the other one would be on 24/7 sharing but also (not always of course) streaming and torrenting.

Another fear is that if anyone compromise my "work NAS" exposed via VPN he doesn't automatically reach my personal data.

I don't know if those things make sense.
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Assuming you only open the ports you need, particularly if you are only generating outbound connections (i.e. not exposing services) then a nas is just as safe as any other device on your network. I have 4 x nas running 24/7. Only one provides services (web server) externally exposed, and I multi-home it for stronger protection.

As for "disk wear" that's pretty much a thing of the past, particularly if you get nas-rated drives, but even if you don't. Any decent nas will allow the drives to sleep when not active.

Personally, I would never use the router as a nas, but some people do. I run as few services as possible on the router as I what it to be fast, stable and reliable, so lean-and-mean for m.

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