Is it worth to replace current Asus RT-AC68U by Asus ZenWiFi AX-router?

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Is it worth to replace current Asus RT-AC68U by Asus ZenWiFi (AX)? I am mainly looking for support for wifi6 and mesh.

What ZenWiFi models would you recommend?
  • XT8
  • ET8 (new WiFi 6e -model, limited availability at the moment)
  • XD6
  • XD4

For mesh, should I buy one new ZenWiFi and use my old AC68 as a meshnode, or should I buy two new units for better wifi quality?


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Asus have a lot challenges with ZenWifi to make those stable

If you want to have good Asus AX go with AX86U router. I know that for same people ZenWiFi looks good but ... do you want to sleep at night?

here topic about node for AX86U
if it is not issue with budget I will go with 2 AX86U but check before how 1 operate - range etc as AX86U have very good wi-fi - you can connect as Node AC68U if needed.
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Both are used as individual wireless access points connected via ethernet to my home network and internet (talk talk isp router with wireless turned off, used just as modem to provide internet to a wired network). (Both Asus routers offer Kodi nox separate 2.4 and 5ghz channels).

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