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Is NAS data access any slower than another computer's SCSI access over a 1gb network?

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I have a peer-to-peer 1 gigabit network of only 4 to 5 pentium 4 about 200Mhz computers in my CPA office, all of which are accessing their data on my computer's extra hard drive.

The extra data hard drive on my computer is a 73 Gb Seagate 15000rpm SCSI 320.

While the other computers access the data slighly slower than I do, it does pretty good.

If I were to put the data on either the Synology DS508 or Qnap Turbo, would I or any of the other computers notice any increase in data access time & if so how much?

Thanks a lot. mikeburg
While the other computers access the data slightly slower than I do, it does pretty good.

I think this is the key statement. If users are seeing only "slightly slower" speed than you do running on your own machine, that is pretty good.

You would actually have to run some benchmarks on your machine, then from another machine to your machine to get actual throughput data to know for sure.

The Intel NAS Performance Toolkit is pretty easy to run.

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