Is overhead fan (Ceiling Fan) an enemy of Wi-Fi?

Do you think overhead fan cause Wi-fi to slow down?

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I've noticed that whenever I switch on the fan, my wifi speeds tend to drop by 50-100 mbps & more, so I wanted to discuss this and find out if there was a solution.

As per the article below, it seems that Wi-Fi signals do get caught up by the Blades moving at faster rate due to the EMI, I believe.


This thing seems to have been unnoticed, and nobody talks about it.

What are your thoughts on it? Have you faced a similar issues those having overhead fans?


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First, do some research about the validity of things you cite.

What happens, according to researchers, is the movement of a ceiling fan sucks in the Wi-Fi particles that are floating through the air, making your ‘network’ stuck in a type of internet tornado.


That said, it's possible that if the fan has a speed controller, it could be generating RF interference.
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