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I wonder if the QNAP OS is a NAS OS meant for real NAS ( thinking Netapp.. ) or just a vanilla Linux distribution customized (?) for NAS services?



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Huh? QNAP is NAS.

Of course, it is Linux based and heavily modified, but I think the rumors are real. :)


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The QNAP O/S is called QTS and is a derivative customized from the core Linux distribution, not from any particular branding (Ubuntu, Debian, etc).

NAS OS meant for real NAS
Not sure what you are getting with this. Every device has to run some sort of operating system. The most popular, flexible and robust are typically Linux based. Is Linux "real" compared to a proprietary one off designed operating system? :)

QNAP - QTS - Linux based
Synology - DSM - Linux based
SolidFire - NepApp - Linux based

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