Is Synology RT2600AC best router for Dual WAN setup? How fast it switches to failover?

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I'm currently using Asus DSL-AC68U with Dual WAN setup that I connected my LTE modem which has 100GB data per month so I use it as a backup in case my DSL connection goes down.

I like the way how clean my setup is at the moment. I don't need another router since DSL-AC68U both supports cable connection as well as Aimesh and Dual WAN. I'm also using Asus Lyra which I've placed 3 of them across my home and they're all connected wirelessly to my DSL-AC68U. I also disabled 2.4GHz and so I'm only using 5GHz.

However, as many people already mentioned this, DSL-AC68U's Dual WAN feature basically doesn't work. It doesn't switch to failover when your main connection goes down. It only works if you unplug the DSL cable which is, you know what it is. Not to mention it takes about a minute to switch over.

I've seen many people suggesting Synology RT2600AC for Dual WAN purposes and I'm willing to sacrifice my Aimesh setup and cleanliness of my setup if Synology router worth to switch. In this case, I'll use my DSL-AC68U as my main WAN and my LTE modem as my second WAN, both connected to RT2600AC.

I'm just wondering if this would be the ultimate setup for the fastest response time for failover and how long would it take for RT2600AC to switch to backup once my main connection goes down? And since I won't be able to use my Aimesh anymore, I'm thinking about using Synology's auto band switch mode (or whatever it is called) which switches between 2.4GHz and 5GHz depending on your device's connection strength. Does this mode also works flawlessly or are there any catches?

All I care about is how fast it switches to failover and failback because DSL downtimes are common in my area and I'm working from home and due to my business, it is very important for me to have an almost-non-downtime internet setup.
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You might take a look at the Cisco RV340 router. Cisco makes a wireless version if that is what you want. I think it is RV340W version.

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