Is there a way to test SMB connectivity on my network (XT8)?

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My dad put a USB hard drive on the main ZenWifi AX XT8 router in our house and his laptop can't seem to connect to it. I've reenabled SMBv1 on the laptop but it still acts like it's not there.

My own PC connects to it just fine (as well as the file share I have hooked up to the AiMesh node in the living room) and it seems to be configured the same way (same revision of Windows and all that).

Is there some kind of utility that would let me test an SMB connection from his machine so I can troubleshoot it more thoroughly? Right now I'm kind of stumped.


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I think I might have figured this out. Apparently you need to enable the "Enable insecure login" group policy object because to get into the drive itself, you need to have an insecure login. You can't password protect anything until you go one folder level down.


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I hope you don't mind me piggy backing off your thread here:

I just purchased an XT8 as well. I want to connect a USB drive to the network as well. Do you know from your experience if you can only connect via the main router or can you connect the USB to the node as well. My main goal is to stream media off the drive to Kodi on my FireStick.

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