Is there any problem when mixing asus wifi 6 router and wifi 5 router?


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I’m intending to upgrade my network into wifi 6.
My system will be:
- gt-ax11000 at the main room (first floor)
- ax86u at the second floor
- ac86u my Old router at the third floor.

I want to reuse my ac86u for the third floor because i have a washing machine, a drier machine,a home server at third floor and another room.

is there any problem when I get to the third floor and my phone switching to the wifi 5.
I read on the internet and there was a problem between switching between wifi 5 and wifi 6 because my phone will try to hang on the wifi 6 signal and switch to the 2,4Ghz band before i’m manually reconnect my phone to the wifi mesh system. Let’s me explain it easier, when i get to the third floor, i will have to turn off wifi and turn on wifi again on my phone to reconnect my phone to the 5Ghz band on third floor, which is the wifi 5.

If anyone had use a mix asus router system between wifi 6 and wifi 5 please give me your experience of using it.

thank you very much.


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No. But the AC86U is limited to WPA2 so set the main router to use WPA2 only. The AX routers can be set to use AX or WIFI 6 and the AC86U as an AiMesh node will be happy.

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