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My mother in-law (shes ok with me jumping on her connection) lives about a quarter mile away. I have rigged up my desktop with hi gain antenna off a Netgear PCI card and shared the connection. I am able to get on the web and surf and such. I have been using a adhoc connection between my laptop and a 2nd Linksys pci card that is in the desktop to surf with the laptop. This has been working but that darn adhoc is very unstable.
I was wondering if it was possible to connect a belkin wireless router to the desktops wired ethernet or the linksys pci wireless connection, and use the netgear internet connection?

If you're running XP or vista, you can bridge the two (wireless and wired) and it will pass the traffic between the two ports easily. Then just plug a lan port into your wireless router, and it will re-broadcast anything that comes in the wire out the wireless.

Probably the easiest way to do what you're wanting to do.

I tried bridgeing them and ran into the same problem I had when just sharing the internet connection. I lose all internet connectivity. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?


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