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Hi, running merlin fw 386.3_2 on Asus router RT-AC86U.

I have 6 clients connected through a Netgear switch (1 wired (1 Gbps, full duplex) connection between the router and the switch and 6 wired connections between the switch and the devices).
Both 6 clients are reachable and running correctly in the LAN. 3 of them are visible in the client list of the ASUS (1 Gbps connection, POE, full duplex), the remaining 3 (100 Mbps connections, POE, full duplex) not appearing in the client list.

Do I have to make a reset of the router after installing the FW or is it a bug of 386.3_2 fw?

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Clients List is not very accurate and closed source. It's the same in both Asuswrt and Asuswrt-Merlin.


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Could also be the switch if it is a managed switch. Clients connected to my old PoE switch do show up in client list.


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Since the last update (386.3) all the labels and pictures for clients is no longer there (not a big deal) but when I try to set it back, is not saving the changes, could it be related?

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