Issue with iOS devices

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I'm having a strange issue. I have 1 5300 acting as the main router & 3 5300 nodes. The problem is all my other devices are working but the IOS devices seem to be connected but internet connectivity isn't working until I toggle either wifi or airplane mode. Is there a certain setting such as MMIO or Airtime fairness or anything in professional that doesn't work correctly with IOS devices. I have a ton of wifi devices and its only my IOS devices giving me problems.


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After upgrading/updating the firmware of your AC5300 you need to reconfigure the connection on your iOS devices. Apple stores some undocumented "goodies" that cause trouble after upgrading/updating the router firmware. ( reset network settings and make a new connection with your router). the same is applicable to NEST products.


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So actually what seems to have resolved the problem is switching the nodes to Stock firmware & not use Merlin's build on them. I also notice the GUI changes if I use stock for the nodes and the option under management Back Haul Connection priority changes allowing for 5G Wifi1 First / & 1G Wan first. When I use merlins firmware on the nodes the option 5G Wifi1 first isn't there only 1G Wan First is present.

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