Issue with SSH on RT-AC68U

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I am having an issue with SSH on my RT-AC68U. I only noticed it after upgrading to 386.1_2, but after downgrading to 386.1 the issue persists. For SSH, I use cert based auth, have password login disabled, and brute force protection enabled. I tried wiping all settings and going with base configuration and still had the issue. I assume this is limited to my setup because I would expect more reports of this issue, but I am stumped on what might be causing this.

The behavior is consistent in that it is consistently failing, but it is inconsistent in how it behaves. Sometimes I am unable to connect to SSH via putty at all. Sometimes I get prompted for the login and then it fails. Sometimes I get prompted for the login and after entering that I am prompted for the cert password and then it fails. Sometimes I get to the command line and then fails while typing first command. When I say "fails" I mean it stops responding and eventually just times out.

Other steps I've tried:
* Removing USB drive
* I've restored default settings 2 or 3 times.
* I've downgraded and upgraded between 386.1 and 386.1_2 2 or 3 times.
* Enabled/Disabled ipv6
* Enabled/Disabled Asusnat Tunnel
* Enabled/Disabled IPv6 Neighbor solicitation
(Might seem like odd steps, but I was grasping at straws)

I have more troubleshooting steps to try, but if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

Thanks for the support!


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I assume by "cert based auth" and "prompted for password", you mean private/public keypair using a passphrase.

Forget the use of private/public keypair for the moment. Does simple username/password work correctly, and consistently?

Jeffrey Young

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What does the syslog entries say? Look for entries concerning dropbear.
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Have you noticed if the [Tools] [Sysinfo] [Internal Storage] [JFFS] is unmounted?
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