Issue with VPN director policy on OpenVpn


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Hello everyone,

I need your suggestions regarding a very weird problem i am facing.

- using X vpn provider with dynamic public ip, config files- everything works perfect. VPN director is fine, i can choose which client to use to VPN
- using Y vpn provider with fixed public ip config file. VPN director is fine, i can choose which client to use to VPN

Now, i am trying to use Z provider, ovpn(the vpn provider)'s fixed ip, country Romania, openvpn type.
When i add the config file, and if i check Force Internet traffic through tunnel- the VPN works file.
When i choose policy rules and i add my device in VPN Director, it doesn't work. Browsing doens't work, ping doesn't work on anything.
If i use dynamic ip conf files from ovpn(same provider) - everything works well. In the conf files, i don't find any differences besides the server address/port.

Ok, all these info tend that there is a problem with their fix ip Romania vpn but i have tested the same conf on a router with openwrt and the vpn policies works on openvpn.

Any ideas?
My router is Asus RT-AX86U with latest Merlin firmware( 386.3_2)
I apologize if i am not allowed to name the provider, some moderator please censor it if required. I am not trying to advertise nor make bad advertise, just need help with my situation.
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