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New Around Here
I've setup my network as shown, but some of the client devices aren't connecting as expected. My attempts at setting Static Routes / VLANs have failed, can any kind souls here help?

Network Topology.jpg


1. Steam Link on SHIELD ( normally fails to link with PC (, with streaming error "Couldn't connect to relay". On the rare occasion it connects, connection is extremely laggy, with Steam Link network test reporting >40% packet loss.

2. I'm based in China. VPN App on AC86U is set to tunnel international sites only, China sites should not be tunneled. Android Phone ( connecting wirelessly to the AC86U can successfully use the VPN, but China IP only sites fail to load.

3. I'd like the PC to use the AC86U as it's DNS server so it can use VPN, but manually setting DNS on the PC to or breaks the PC's internet connection. Using DHCP, Default Gateway, DHCP Server & DNS Servers are all

Current settings

1. Wireless SSIDs are different on HN8145XR and AC86U.

2. HN8145XR set static IPs for All other settings left at default.

3. AC86U uses its WAN ethernet port to connect to HN8145XR.

4. AC86U > LAN > DHCP Server
  • Enable DHCP server: Yes
  • IP Pool Starting - Ending: - 254
  • Default Gateway: blank
  • DNS Servers 1 & 2: blank
  • Advertise router's IP: Yes
  • Enable static routes: No

5. AC86U > WAN > Internet Connection
  • WAN connection type: Static IP
  • Enable WAN: Yes
  • Enable NAT & UPNP: No
  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:
  • DNS Servers:,
  • Forward local domain queries upstream: Yes

For those wondering why I'm torturing myself like this, I previously connected the AC86U to a TP Link optical modem in bridge mode, and this solution tunneled my VPN/China only traffic perfectly, but too many IOT devices overloaded the AC86U causing connection drops, and the PC connection to Steam Link on Shield was always laggy. This new setup is my attempt to load balance, connecting all phones / IOT devices which only require a China server connection to the HN8145XR, while the AC86U handles the devices which require a VPN, like the Google Mini, Shield and Harmony Hub. I'm trying to avoid running an ethernet cable from my PC to the Shield as they're on opposite ends of my flat, and a wireless connection is also not ideal due to the number of walls in between.
The part of the configuration I don't understand is the Huawei K662d. You say it's Is that its WAN or LAN ip? And if it's the former, how could the PC/Media Server be assigned an IP on the same IP network as the WAN? That would normally be some other IP network, for example,

Also, as far as the PC/Media Server using the AC86U as its DNS server, why? How does that in and of itself make the VPN client of the AC86U accessible to it? Why isn't the PC/Media Server on the LAN side of the AC86U so it can access the VPN normally?

P.S. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps that entire HN8145XR to splitter to K662D part of it is actually acting as a bridge. is likely WAN, since I can access the K662's settings login from my PC using this IP.

I'm uncertain about the PC's assigned IP, since the K662D came with the HN8145 as part of a mesh network package, and the device was auto configured by the HN8145 during installation.

I think the PC using the AC86U as it's DNS *should* be able to access the VPN, but honestly I can't be 100% sure and I'm definitely open to suggestions.

I've considered joining the PC to the AC86U directly, but that's problematic. Wireless; too many walls in between, poor signal. Ethernet; family doesn't want such a visible cable running through the house. Indirectly connecting the 2 devices with thin fiber running from HN8145 > K662 > PC is all I managed to get approval for.

HN8145XR to splitter to K662D part of it is actually acting as a bridge.

Is there any way for me to check this?
Huawei K662d is an extension access point to Huawei HN8145XR. It's not a router.

If you want devices through the VPN, they have to connect to Asus RT-AC86U router.
Got it, thanks. Is it possible to use a VLAN or other method to place the PC within the AC86U's subnet, while leaving the current physical placement as is?
Is it possible to use a VLAN or other method

With the equipment you have - I don't think so. Home routers are not VLAN capable and I'm pretty sure your Huawei gateway being an ISP provided device has very limited settings available. Your AC86U has to be WAN port connected for this VPN to work. Wait for more ideas from other folks around.

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