Issues with internet being slow after updating to 386.4 (RT-AX88U)


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Hi after installing 386.4 I notice a delay when browsing mostly on wifi connections. My IoT devices became very slow to respond as well and often did not work. I reverted to 386.3.2 and all the issues went away.

Google Home would take about 5-10 seconds to respond to what time is it.
My Google TV videos would take 30 seconds to load when watching YouTube.
Some apps on Google TV wouldn't work at all.
Listening to songs on Spotify would take a long time to play and would sometimes have no audio when playing.
When browsing on iPhone the page would hang for a few seconds before loading.

I tried disabling my VPN settings and diversion and some other settings before figuring out the issues all started right around the time I updated to 386.4. I then reverted back to 386.3.2 and all seems to be working again without issues.

Anyone else have this experience?


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I would pass on 386.4 firmware. Stay on 386.3_2 and wait for new Asuswrt-Merlin release with updated Asuswrt base.


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