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Issues with my Media Bridge

Discussion in 'General Wireless Discussion' started by userno1, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. userno1

    userno1 New Around Here

    Jan 20, 2020
    Here is the topology of my home network:

    In words: I have a cable modem and a AC88U Asus router.
    I am using another router (AC86U) in another room as a media bridge. Attached to mediabridge I have a fileserver for the home (freenas) and a desktop pc. I am not able to to run a cable between the rooms.

    What works:
    Internet access works for everyone. The desktop gets sustained download speeds of 100 Mbit/s through the media bridge. Great.

    What doesn't quite work so well:
    Laptops connected to the wifi router (the Ac88u in room 1) sometimes have trouble finding the fileserver. Sometimes. That's the part that is frustrating me. The desktop has uninterrupted internet access, long file transfers work fine. The media bridge has a good connection to the router. However, sometimes (while the desktop is browsing the web) I just can't connect to the fileserver from laptops connected to the router. I also can't connect to the media bridge's internal IP then.
    Now I am really puzzled as to what's going on....

    One more thing: I noticed that while transfering files from the internet from my desktop behind the media bridge, transfer speeds go down when I copy big files to the freenas at the same time. I guess what's happening is that everything is getting routed through the router, even when a local route would be faster.
    Not sure if I could use a different network configuration here. Assuming that a media bridge is an actual bridge, it's operating at layer 2, which should be good.