IVMS 4200 and IVMS 4500


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Going to let another family member seeing stream from my Hikvision webcamera, I discover that my about 10 year old configuration must be renewed.

IVMS 4200.2.7.19 in use on my computer, but software download show IVMS 4200.3.7.1.E and IVMS 4200 AC( What shall I use?

My old IVMS 4500 on adroid mobil and ipad could be a larger problem. I read that Hikvision recommend a Hikconnect app. But this don't work on my old Hikvision camera. what else can I use. Searching on apps on ipad I found a lot (ivms 5260 and so on), but don't konw what can replacer IVMS 4500. Is it possible to find working IVMS 4500 on net? My old ipad has one, but I can't find a way to transfer it to the new user?

My webcamera is this one DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS.

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