john fork 53d7 on n66u >> gui issues with openvpn servers


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I have an issue when using the gui on my n66u running 53d7.
When i try to look at my openvpn servers, things get wonky.
Clicking on vpn >> vpn server or vpn details >> openvpn 1 /2 it pops me back to pptp and I can't see anything.
Clicking on the openvpn server after that usually goes to the correct server so it can be worked around.
I see this issue on both firefox and edge.
Anyone have a solution?


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How long is the router's uptime? Does a reboot solve it (even temporarily)?


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No, a reboot doesn't help. The Openvpn servers are a bit wonky as well- sometimes they are not running as they are set to.
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