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Kasa outdoor plug and the mystery of the disappearing 2.4 band?

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New Around Here
Hello all.

I have an Asus Blue Cave AC2600 that I am running on the firmware 2 before most recent - per this thread about that topic: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/issues-with-latest-blue-cave-firmware.62959/
All has been fine since and I've added more Hue lights, a Kasa dimmer switch, etc etc. to it - again without problems a restart couldn't fix.

Enter the TP-Link Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug KP400. I got this to control my outdoor christmas lights of course (bc hey, tis the season). I clearly already had a Kasa switch on it so I figured this too would work without issue. Nope.
When I tried to set it up it made my 2.4 band go completely poof. Figuring the band was overloaded I moved some smart devices to the 5ghz band, even turned some off during setup etc. ...Nope..same thing again. So, I tried the factory reset route. Surprise, surprise, setup now works and all previously connected devices connect as well.

So now I try to change my channel because I live in a very congested area...as soon as I do that (or seemingly change any setting) my 2.4 goes poof again. The only way to bring it back to do a factory reset and start all over again. Which might be okay if it wasn't for the fact I get absolutely horrid speeds on especially the 2.4 without changing some settings around. I am at a loss. Is this an issue with the Kasa plug or is there something I am missing on the router that would cause this behavior? In other words..should I ditch the plug or is it a sign I am reaching the limits of the Blue Cave somehow?

Appreciate any help!

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