Keep DNSCrypt setting and Kamoj addon after update

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New Around Here

Is there any easy way to keep the DNSCrypt settings and the Kamoj addon after the firmware update?
I'm tired of reconfiguring and reinstalling the addon.

R. Gerrits

Senior Member
if you have an USB disk constantly plugged in, you could add some logic to the postmount script, to detect if addon is installed and if not install it from USB + reboot.
(And if you'd make it really fancy, you could have always install the newest version that is stored on the USB disk. This way you wouldn't have to adjust the postmount script after every kamoj-update (or before every firmware update).

As for the DNScrypt settings, I think also here you could have postmount script copy your configuration file from USB to the router.

Whether it is easy, that depends on your Linux scripting skills ;)
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