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Keep or Sell a1521 and a1470 with Orbi setup?

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Like the title explains, I actually got my hands on a a1521 basestation and a1470 2tb time capsule. I also am using orbi with 2 satellites, and I'm wondering should I keep or sell the base station and/or time capsule, or is there a way to implement it with what I have?

I'm leaning more towards selling the base station, and I was trying to see if I can use the time capsule as a external hard drive, or nas? See I have currently a nvidia shield and apple tv 3rd gen using hdhomerun prime, not sure if I can use the channels app or live channels on the shield and transfer recordings to the time capsule?

Even if I can just use the time capsule just for a hard drive, I think that would be a great deal (I paid $20 for it).

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.
With it being well beyond EOL now, I believe the Time Capsule only supports SMBv1, which the world at large has more or less tried to move on from, so trying to do any standard file access with modern systems may require a bit of manual intervention on each client to specify and/or enable v1, before attempting to map shares. You also of course won't have any additional capabilities of more robust NAS's, such as media streaming, etc. but for $20, I'm sure you don't mind.

A simple SMBv1 network "drive" is likely all you're going to get out of it. It may still be useful, as a temporary backup or network scratch disk location, if nothing else. That said, keeping old stuff on your network that only supports legacy, possibly exploitable protocols, could be a security risk, usually only if any part of your network is exposed directly to the internet. Shouldn't be that big of a deal running it at home, but just wanted you to look at it from a threat surface point of view as well.

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