Lag Spike on XT8 every 30 sec (exactly)

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I have read some of the related thread about spike problem with XT 8 but it haven't been able to help me.

To explain you, i have my ISP box where i connected via RJ45 the first MEsh, and the second mesh is in another room (not far with only 1 wall behind) where i have connected my gaming computer with RJ45 on the second Mesh.

Download and upload are almost at the max of my contract (Around 800 DL and 500 UP), everything is fine when i play normal game or surfing or downloading, but when i try to launch my Shadow pc (Cloud computing) i have freeze every 30 sec due to lag spike where i pass from 18ms to 110 ms very briefly and then go back to normal.
What is strange is that it's very timed and happen every 30 sec exactly ! So it's seems more like something is check in the AI Mesh or controlled and it's really frustrating.
I don't have enough knowledge to dig deeper in the UI so that's why i come to you to see if there are potential solution you can think of and that can solve my problem ?

For exemple if i connect with a basic usb wifi key to my ISP routter with a Wifi 5 connection, DL and UP goes down a lot but at least i don't have these spike anymore with a stable 18/20ms ping and no freeze in the shadow pc.
So something happen in the ASUS XT8 that i don't understand and make Lag Spike every 30 sec :(
It's a shame when i see the price i paid to have something robust and stable.

Thanks for your help !


New Around Here
It seems i will have to return it :(
In fact it seems i am not the only one with these kind of problem.
My spike problems seems to only happen when using Shadow pc, not on standard utilisation even playing a game.
Really weird.

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