Lag spikes, rubber-banding, Game devs and ISP just finger point each other (Need help)


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Hi. Trying this forum to see if any network pros are here to advise, coz really can't find where the issue is, or who to press (ISP or Game).
Im located in Singapore, trying to playing a game Apex Legends (i know there is alot of hit reg, lags, cpu usage complains) but for my case i see its not server issues, it is something in between, but i can't figure out where. Im playing often together with my friends also here in Singapore and also using same ISP with the same "GAMER" plan 1Gbps fibre. We playing on the same servers also but - when i see enemies beside me keep teleporting, my friends do not see it, for them it is smooth they only see is me lagging rubberbanding.

What i tried so far:
1. Tonnes of tricks and fixes found online (the only one really helps abit is custom settings in TCP optimizer with 576 MTU).
2. replaced all my internal cables to CAT6, replaced Fiber cable from the OpenNet box to Modem
3. Changed 3-4 routers and 1 modem (this was not on purpose, some is upgrade, some is renew contract) Latest Router now is Asus GT-AC2900 with Merlin FW
4. Get Static IP
5. Tried Through VPN
6. Fully replaced and upgraded PC (connection is wired, not wireless)
7. Switched different DNS
8. Changed ISP (still same issues), but less. They are using same infra, only backbone is different
9. Used NAT passthrough in the router, With Port Forward and without, with DMZ, with UpNp and without, with QUOs and without.
The list can go on, but can't recall everything, will feedback here if need any particular info

What im thinking could be the issue, but don't know how to verify (some i googled alot, but cant find proper explanation or solution):
1. Some time ago there was fiber break underground, so i guess Infrastructure owner just splice it, but i think it could be bad splicing.
Speedtest shows ok, streaming also good. Can't verify if this can make an issue

2. Read that some cases happened to people where on ISP side was a loose connection patch - can't verify (ISP claims everything is good)

3. Im using NAS and the port forwarding using same ports as game, like 80, 443, and some others, not sure if this can interfere and how to change it. Im using NAS to access it remotely, so still need port forward

4. Static IP somehow blocked or in Spam list by developer? I see in here - looks good, maybe EA have its own list - can't verify

5. Someone was saying that Singapore government controlling alot of ports, so making data exchage through it very slow. It works ok for streaming, but bad for games, so alot players actually join SG servers coz its alot easier to frag lagging dudes. Any way to speed it up maybe?

Sometimes happening maybe once a month, sometime once in 2-3 week time - i have amazingly smooth connection, all works perfectly, really enjoying, the rest of the time - lags, rubberbanding, instant death, damage behind walls, etc all these network related nonsence. But for my friends it like this all the time.

So with above saying - really have no clue on what is going on here and who to blame. Any thoughts, suggestions will be appreciated.


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Thx. Will try that out. Never heard about this before.

Ok, just tried it at my workplace, i think UOtrace app have included it as a Packet sent/receive test.

This is i had tested recently and sent to ISP

There were no packet loss, but i see those like 3rd hop ping just spiking every few seconds (sometimes it goes to above 150), but ISP said is ok - "because we have configured ICMP rate-limiting, and the packet loss didn't replicate to the last hop so it won't affect the service". 6th hop also said no issue.
When i showed similar traceroute to Game rep - he said too many Unknown hosts, probably ISP is blocking some ports, but ISP said they don't block anything.
I had tried to see by myself, it says blocked, then i asked my friends to test the same - they also said it shows as Blocked.
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