LAN port isolation HTTPS (TLS/SSL failure)


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Hi all

I isolated a LAN port on a AX-88U using the method as described here by Renjie Wu. Props to you sir.

It is used to isolate some equipment (cameras and NVRs) that belong to the neighborhood I live in. It worked like a charm for a while but now TLS/SSL handshaking fails sometimes.

There are two subnets: and dot-150 is isolated that it can't access clients on dot-1 and only a few services like DNS and NTP on the main router ( Some HTTPS websites fail on dot-150 which works perfectly on dot-1. I used tcpdump and discovered that during the TLS/SSL handshake no "server hello" is received for some websites, i.e. fails but works.

I can't find any mechanism that could cause this on the router. I disabled the firewall and AIprotection but this changed nothing.

Any ideas would be welcome.

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