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lan printer only partially detected when using openvpn server

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I have merlin installed on a new GT AX6000 after previously using an RT-ac86u. I am also regularly finding answers to questions here, and with advise of some wise users I have recently moved to using an openvpn server, instead of allowing WAN access to basically anything for security reasons.
(transmission, ip cameras, the FTP usb drive, accessing the router remotely, etc). So thanks for all of that.

I realized that openvpn server also allows me to communicate with local devices while being afar, such as my printer. I can now print while connecting to the openvpn server and using cellular data for example.

finally, I am using Martineau's IPCamsBlock script to block my cameras from doing anything funny.

so my question is:
when connected to the openvpn server it seems like my printer is not fully detected or functional, as opposed to when connected to wifi. I can print, but other functions such as scanning or anything else don't seem to work. The android app (hp smart) sees the printer as unavailable. Is there anything I am missing here? Is there any script out there or a line to add that will fix this?

This might also have nothing to do with the router's settings, but it's worth asking you guys :)


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Same router and a HP SmartTank 550+, and the same issue using WireGuard and InstantGuard. As I successfully used the ability to remote print just a few days ago I'd lean towards this being just another HP internet issue.
*I love my printer, but I hate its drivers!
As this is a feature that I've used plenty in the past I've tried digging in to get this working. It looks like I now only have the ability to submit print jobs remotely via email and no longer via the HP Smart app :(
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