LAN Static Routing Causing High CPU Merlin 384.19

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So after a long while delaying the inevitable I upgraded my AC88U to 384.19 last night and things look ok as far as i can tell however i wanted to ask if the routing engine has somehow changed in this version? Reason is- i have a proxy on the same VLAN as the router and my work laptop on a separate vlan. On the laptop is use firefox and point it at the proxy to go out "directly" instead of my workplace vpn internet. All clients have the merlin router as their default gateway and on the merlin router i've got routes pointing to another internal router/firewall to get back to the wireless network. This setup worked ok on 384.8.2 but after installing 384.19 its causing a spike on the merlin router's CPU causing other internal devices to stop being able to access the internet.

I've tested this with a few other devices by placing them in the WLAN and trying to access internal resources and sure enough it causes CPU spike to the point where LAN devices start losing connection to the internet. Almost like (1) the routing is happening in software instead of hardware and/or (2) packets are being checked?


Edit: I did post this in the 384.19 thread but I'm literally pulling my hair out trying to understand this CPU spike cause.

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