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LAN to LAN Router Tests

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As I read the wireless router tests, I noticed that routing performance is always tested, but LAN to LAN switching isn't tested. Of course, I understand that they are ROUTER tests. However, I was wondering why the decision is made not to test LAN to LAN switching. Does it usually perform equivalent to a standard switch?
There would be no useful information provided by doing a LAN to LAN test. The Ethernet ports are connected to a switch chip, which does its job with no involvement of the routing portion of the product.
Yes, that's why I mentioned, 'that it IS a ROUTER test.' However, I was wondering if the switching performance on gigbit routers were primarily the same on ALL gigabit routers and switches? After all, a lot of routers have 100mbps WANs (rightfully so) while having gigabit switches on the LAN side. While others have gigbit on all ports. If a router with gigbit WAN has a throughput of 106mbps (Belkin N1 Vision), does this mean that LAN gigbit switching would suffer too?

Thanks for the response.
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