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Last 3 or 4 version or Merlin Code IPV6 break wireless

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Thought it was just me and something stupid I've done so I patiently waited to see if things improved. Enabling IPv6 6-in4 for Hurricane Electric with all the goodies in the right spaces confirmed working wired the minute the update hits 93% your wireless clients drop like flies having just flown through a seven dust cloud and I don't care what you try to get them to reconnect after they will not reconnect.

This also includes the latest 380.66_4 for the 3200AC. which I just spent 3 hours trying to get working somehow. The oddity is wired connects seem unaffected for the most part but it kills wireless dead as snot in just seconds.

Looking forward to the comments on this one :) If I'm crazy won't be the first time I've heard it but I suspect someone else will be able to duplicate this quick like. It should be noted the second you turn it off the wireless clients reconnect just fine.

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