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Life after RT-N66U -> isp router + Unifi or another Asus device

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I have 100 Mbit cable, and my old RT-N66U is doing just great - very stable, long range, and 300 Mbit connection speed on 5 Ghz.

Since my ISP is upgrading to 500 Mbit and later 1 Gbits, I want better wireless performance - need it or not :D

I consider to use the router from my ISP in combination with an AP. Unify UAP AC Pro looks great on the paper, however rumors tells that Unifi is not a speed devil, but an AP being able to serve many users at the same time. I only have about 20 wiresless clients, so I don't need anything with the possibility to handle 200 users.

Another AP could be the Xclaim Xi-3 - seems to be a little old, with only 2x2 mimo. I've testet it shortly, and couldn't beat the old RT-N66U in terms of speed or range. Maybe a faulty setup, or old firmware - I don't know. I had lover connection speed with my brand new Macbook, compared to the old non AC Asus. The Xi-3 is twice the price of the Unifi pro here!

The third solution could be a new Asus router... However I think Asus have so many models, so it's hard to choose. The RT-AC68U seems to be a good choice?

Any hints are very welcome

Thanks :)
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