Limit bandwith guest network AC88U - in AP mode

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Hello there, I have set up a Sophos XG FW and put the AC88U in AP mode, unfortunately guest network bandwith limitations do not work any longer. I have to confess I am currently on stock Asus firmware 8sed Merlin in the past, unfortunately in march there were stability issues, my gf wouldnt forgive me, when having to work from home. I assuem it is the same for Merlin. Moving forward from this: How to limit guest networks speed? I thought about enabling VLANs, however found out thats not officially supported, even though there are scripts for AC86 and AX88.... maybe someone knows, if the guest networks get "invisble" VLANs so I could set one up with the tag in the Sophos. Or maybe someone has another good idea, because I would like to keep the 88U, even though its ugly like the night is dark, it has the best performance so far and ensure my zoo of musiccast network speaker works in sync...

Looking forward to your replies.

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