Limitations of Asus Adaptive QoS


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Interesting topic here and hypothetical discussion. From what I understand Adaptive QoS uses part of the Broadcom chip that's essentially just a 'black box'. I've noticed seemingly weird performance with my router, I have a decent number of devices connected to it and whenever I setup custom rules, especially for prioritizing a specific IP as just 'gaming traffic' (such as my main PC), it results in performance slowly degrading and becoming erratic. It seems as though the eventual performance is just worse then not prioritizing it at all and speed tests end up all over the place for that IP.

Here is the question, is there a maximum amount of traffic/connections that this blackbox can handle? Is there then a way to monitor the performance of this blackbox? I assume if it's a ASIC or a dedicated part of the chip there is definitely going to be a limitation to this unrelated to CPU. And of course if you watch CPU utilization of the router while it's being utilized there generally isn't a correlation to adaptive QoS 'load' and CPU utilization. The two don't even seem related however your performance while using adaptive QoS is very much impacted by network utilization (connections, types of traffic, amount of devices) and not specifically just bandwidth.

Furthermore is there then a way to run adaptive QoS through software to take a look at what this load might look like?

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