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Limited DHCP entries and WiFi 5-Ghz

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I have noticed the following issue: as I keep adding new DHCP entries (using nvram+commit), after the reboot either:
- 5Ghz radio turns on but no internet connection is being provided
- 5Ghz radio turns on (in the webgui) but no signal
- WiFi works fine but no DNS is resolved.

Is it only me?

rt-ac87u, latest merlin

[SOLVED]:nvram show ...
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That's a very good question...how do I check this? I can only list and commit..but at the end of 'show' result I got the following:
size: 63396 bytes (2140 left)
duh! ;) I am sorry, I was not clear enough. Currently I got ac87u but will swap with ac86u soon. Couldn't find any nvram info on wikidevi
Ah - here's my AC86U's output:
size: 70953 bytes (60119 left)
And from Tools - Other:
Internal Storage
NVRAM usage 71046 / 131072 bytes
JFFS 12.05 / 48.00 MB
Interesting that they're ever so slightly different...

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