Link Logger & RT-N66R

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Greetings all...

I am a complete newbee, please forgive me. What brought me here is the wish to monitor and capture where all of my family members are using our bandwidth. I have no interest in spying on my family, I am just curious on what is consuming the bandwidth. In my quest, I came upon the software "Link Logger". I went out and purchased a used Linksys 54G wireless for $20 to test it on. It's exactly what I am looking for but I can't get it to work with my Asus RT-N66R. Today I learned of Merlin's firmware. I installed that I believe is the current version 374.43. Very nice. Is there a way for me to either get the Link Logger to work or another program which will provide me the data which I seek?


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My next question is how do I send the logs to my home server? Could you post examples? The end goal is to get the logs on the server so the program Link Logger can do it's magic and display the information in laymen terms.

I am poking around and I was able to send the logs to a USB drive which is on the back of the router. Is there a way to confirm that the files are actually going to the USB drive?


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I am curious as well. Is there a way to see and save data like this. Tomato did this back when I had the 54G linksys router.
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