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There is alot of network gurus on here. Hopefully someone can help. And I apologize about this being off-topic. I had adsl+ bonded 24/1.. Frontier bumped me up to a whopping 25/2 VDSL bonded today.
My link speed on the adsl 24/1 was 27837 / 1217. With the VDSL bonded its 27837 / 2213kbps . So same download speed. What "Should" the download link be, I understand its over to take in network overhead.
I have googled this, but really only see download speeds. Which btw, I only hit around 22mbit.


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Your speeds are in kbits/sec ?
How were you measuring the reported 22 mbit/sec ? Some internet speed test ?
Server and internet activity, isp load, router will all affect the result.

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