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LinkStation Live - How Does AUTO Power Work?

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I have just purchased a Linkstation Live BitTorrent for my home network and am experiencing difficulty with the AUTO power function.

If I put the NAS in AUTO, when I power up my PC the NAS comes to life.

But after that it behaves exactly as the manual states when you are not running NASNavigator. That is it will power down by itself after a while and then the only way to bring back to life is to manually cycle through OFF and then to ON\AUTO.

I've also tried powering down my PC before the NAS powers itself down to see if it detects the event. It doesn't, and just continues running until it decides to power itself off.

My PC is running NASNavigator ver 2.10 RC4
My NAS is running firmware 1.02

Any ideas?

Anyone got it successfully runing when connected to a network switch rather than directly to the PC?

Of course I can run it on ON so that it is powered all the time but I'd much prefer to run it on AUTO if at all possible.

Any help would be really appreciated.


I have got Linkstation Live without bittorent, so I cannot help you. But you may find lots of information on http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.php/Main_Page

The forums there are full of information, though you need to dig in to find it.

I unlocked my linkstation and installed various torent clients, but found out that the torrent clients crash if running on full speed, so I needed to limit them to run very slow, to less than 1 MByte /sec download. So I guess the client in your LS is limited as well.
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Thanks for the link - I shall have a good look at it.

I've since found a newer version of NASNavigator2 (Ver 11) and installed that. Unfortunately this makes no difference and the behaviour remains as before.

I have no intention of running the Torrent services - I just purchased this version because I was advised that this was the newest model of LinkStation Live which was replacing older ones.

I'm slowly beginning to find the three features that attracted me to this model appear to be no good to me.

Print Server - not bi-directional so doesn't support multi-function printers and in fact has some difficulty with most modern printers because they try to send status information.

Media Server - doesn't work with XBox (or the other way round) - either way, not much use to me.

Auto Power - have a sinking feeling that this only works if the NAS is directly connected to a single PC.


hi there

I've got the same but i havn't had much time to use the features on the NAS drive. I just use it primarily for HDD space but knowing that i've got the functions avaliable if i need it.

And on the plus side it looks nicer than other devices.

Anyway to answer your question I dont know how the Auto function work properly. If i have it on auto and try to open up "my computer" because its mapped. It takes ages to respond.

Its not that loud anyway so I at the moment I leave it as on.

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