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Review Linksys MR7500 Hydra Pro 6E Reviewed

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Product Review
I want Gigabyte speeds.
Eventually... Here's the fastest I have seen so far. One of my contacts in Singapore who was betatesting a new service from his ISP:


North America is so behind...
Rather than saying faster than 99% of SG, it should say faster than 99% of world instead.
North America is so behind...
Well, yes a special thank you to never ending monopoly of ISP here in North America for it.
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any development in open source for this router?
Qualcomm Networking Pro 810-platform.

IPQ6018-soc, Arm Cortex-A53-1,8GHz. chipset 2x 256MB (512MB l) DDR3 ESMC permanent storage 512MB flash Macronix.
2,4 and 5GHz : QCN5052- en QCN5022-chips.
6Ghz Qualcomm QCN9074-chipset,
frontendmodules Skyworks,
85340 = 2,4GHz
, de 85755 = 5GHz
85784 = 6GHz-band.
Qualcomm QCA8075-ethernetchipset.
5Gbit/s-wan- Marvells AQR114C-chip.
bluetoothchipset: CSR8811

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