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Linksys WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router Reviewed

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Thank you for the review.

Do you think the final non-Beta firmware will make it shine a little more?

I have it on order for 2 weeks now and not yet shipped. I never had a wireless router before. Now I don't know if I should cancel the order and wait a few more weeks?
What Beta firmware?

No, I don't see any firmware tuning in the short term that will improve wireless performance.
You tested with 1.000.00 B17 which probably won't ship in retail.
That was the latest firmware that I downloaded from the Linksys support site.
Isn't 1.000.00 B17 beta? I don't think retail units will ship with this firmware.
What speed can we expect using the USB port? Can we assume the barrier will be the limit of the pugged device? Let's say a 16GB USB key that handle 30MB/s, we will be able to run at that speed or the router could limit this?


Hi wondering if you can tell if the flash on the WRT610N is still 8MB or not?
Hi Tim,

Once again thank-you for your invaluable contribution to the community!
In your personal opinion which of the two devices do you prefer and why?

It doesn't have to be on the basis of wireless performance alone, as it sounds
as though the difference is negligible there.

Quick! okay let me re-phrase, setting aside wireless functionality...

If there anything notable that 610n lacks compared to 600 or vica versa?
Was one stronger than the other in certain areas e.g WAN throughput etc.

sorry, thought it was prelim review, didn't realise this is the "full monty" will have a look see....
Had to register as I tried to send a reply twice and never showed up.

1.000.00 B17 looks Beta to me and I don't think the retail product will ship with that version.
1.000.00 B17 looks Beta to me and I don't think the retail product will ship with that version.

Linksys says that version firmware is not beta and is what is shipping in retail product.
It appears Amazon has it for $149 right now. I'm very tempted. I've officially Given Up Hope that my WNDR3300 will ever be anything more than "just barely livable".

Unfortunately, Amazon is also quoting a 3-5 week shipping delay.
Simultaneous 2.4Ghz BG and 5Ghz N problems?

What about posts like this one?


"I got the WRT610N and you CANNOT run both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz at the same time, you MUST disable one or the other... when both running, the wireless connections drops constantly. I spent 1 hour with Linksys support and it's NOT possible. FALE adverticing from Linksys! DON'T buy this product if you want to run 2.4Ghz BG 54Mbit/s and 5Ghz N 300Mbit/s simultaneously."

Same guy probably...anyway what have your results been?
Some Amazon reviewers and Linksys Community Forum members are complaining about poor performance when using 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time.
Just read the 600N had problem with USB storage sharing (haven't read enough to know which though...). Have you done any testing with this unit?

Also, if I insert a 16GB USB key that can read up to 30MB/s, will I get full speed or the router for some reason will make that slower?

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