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Linksys wrt610n usb nas itunes server

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New Around Here
My setup:

- WRT610N (latest firmware) 2.4GHZ G only (N not being used yet)
- 1TB Western Digital My Book NTFS (via router USB port)
- 1 HP Laptop (vista) wifi a/b/g
- 1 Toshiba Laptop (vista) wifi a/b/g
- PS3 (ethernet)

From what i've read on the Linksys forums, I will have to format the WD drive back to FAT32 in order to use it for iTunes, right now I can not see the files I transfered from my laptop via USB.

My hopes are that I can store all my iTunes files on the WD NAS and share the files via wifi to the 2 laptops. I am able to see and connect to the NAS but, if I try to delete folders via wifi, i get permission errors.

Has anyone tried and be successful at setting this up? Thanks!

As far as deleting folders, I have a WRT600N, that has a 500GB HD hanging off the USB port that is formatted NTFS, I can't delete folders that have something in them, if I delete the contents of them first, I can then delete the empty folder. Don't know why,might be a firmware issue.
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