Local DNS IP keeps deleting itself


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Recently I have noticed a strange and very annoying issue in LAN > DHCP server settings page, "DNS and WINS Server Setting" section: the DNS IP address keeps deleting itself automatically, every time the WAN loses its connection. After WAN connection is restored, I have to manually enter again the DNS Server 1 to and run a ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew command on every network client to have them use again my DNS IP.

My setup:
Router Asus RT-AX88U, 386.3_2
Private DNS, Raspberry Pi running Pi-Hole,

Anybody know why is this happening, please?

Many thanks in advance.


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FWIW, I tried doing the same thing w/ my RT-AC68U and had no such problems. Whether I disconnected/reconnected the WAN cable, or did a reboot, the DNS IP remained.

What happens if you specify a public IP (e.g.,

On a lark, try adding the same IP ( to the second DNS server field as well.


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Check your nvram usage on the tools page....if the available space is less than about 3K you can run into cases where nvram cannot be maintained.

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